My work has a general focus on surface and process. I primarily work with watercolor and gouache, occasionally mixing media with oil, acrylic, as well as inks and prints. I favor hard surfaces working with MDF construction materials, lauan plywood, as well as masonite backed clay board for my two-dimensional pieces.

 Recent paintings have explored relationships, their tensions and contradictions; they have been interpreted as artificial vs. organic, male vs. female, artistic vs. mechanic, etc. Meshing cold metal machine parts with warm colorful painterly imagery creates a very literal clashing.

Scale, surface, manipulation of materials, and light play a critical role in my paintings. The use of iridescent and reflective materials with bold colors and line work create an experience.

   My hand-built ceramic work carries a different, more natural weight. I am inspired by the colors and textures of the earth, focusing on the tangibility and personality of the pieces. While hand-built forms offer an organic uniqueness and identity to each piece, thrown forms focus on weight, symmetry, and cleanliness.